You want to visit a house during the corona crisis? That is still possible, with a digital viewing!

We understand that this period, with the coronavirus, raises the question whether or not you are going to view. We let all viewings continue as usual, in good consultation and according to the rules of the RIVM. We do ask you to take note of the measures that NVM brokers & appraisers have drawn up to prevent the virus from spreading further. Thanks in advance!

What advice applies to a home visit?

We prevent groups in one house. Viewings are limited to 2 customers (3 people present including broker)
A viewing with cold or sick people is canceled.
We still don’t shake hands.
We ask you not to touch anything (taps, light switches, etc.).
We always stay 1.5 meters away, if a room does not allow this, we will not enter it together.
We make the viewing no longer than necessary.
Prefer to view remotely?
But would you rather not go out the door, but still want to visit your dream home? It’s possible! Our brokers are happy to give you an online digital viewing, by making video calls with you! Of course it cannot be compared to walking around the house, but we are happy to give you a first impression!

In brief:

Call / email / chat to us that you would like to view a home and would like to see it through a digital viewing, please indicate this to us.
The broker is at the agreed time in the house and will consult with you via WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype with your video calls.
Then the broker starts the digital viewing as you are used to from us.
It is then possible to ask questions to the broker
Are you going to schedule a viewing? So it is possible with us with a digital viewing and “offline”! Look here for our current houses.

The NVM Open Houses Day of March 28 has been canceled.
The reason is the increase in the number of cases of infections of the Corona virus in the Netherlands. Of course you are free to schedule (digital) viewings at homes, where you would like to look. The next NVM Open Houses Day will take place on October 3, 2020.

How to start buying a house?
The process of buying a home is very exciting and not something you do every year. We already see the question marks appear. Your search for your dream house has paid off and you have a new house in mind!

The next step is a viewing so you can view the house. Perhaps the house seems perfect for you and you already see yourself living there. But it is important to take a critical look at the house, especially when you still have the “pink glasses” on. We are happy to guide you every step of the way!