We are facing unprecedented shutdowns to contain the spread of coronavirus which caused disruption to Hollands property market for the foreseeable future. The government put a limit on large gatherings of people to contain the virus which have made open homes impossible.
Unfortunately there’s no end in sight yet, but despite the unusual circumstances, buyers and sellers need to continue to transact.

Social distancing measures present challenges, but we are rapidly adapting to the pandemic.
We see that the industry is finding innovative ways to inspect and transact real estate online. For now the main way buyers will find a property is through online property portals and social media.
We are using live stream videos to ensure people will get a good look at the property and we are also arranging online inspections using WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype.

Governments have encouraged people to stay home as much as possible, meaning agents and vendors are seeking only qualified buyers. We feel that serious buyers will remain in the market place. Although the number of viewers we take through is lower, the quality of the buyers is much stronger, and they are ready to buy.

What buyers need to do to secure a home in the current market
Buyers need to be proactive, ready to move quickly and, as always, prepared financially. Job security, the ability to afford loan repayments, and pre-approval from a lender are crucial in the current economic climate.

Be ready for any opportunity that may arise. Agents are going to be keen to wrap up deals with existing buyers rather than waiting two or three weeks in very uncertain times.