Often we get the question from our clients that they struggle with the decision whether to buy or rent. As much as we would love to help you and give insight in the current market, ultimately your personal situation will determine wat is best for you at this time.

To give you a clear understanding of the difference purely based on cost we have made a schedule below which might help you make a decision.  

Rental property of € 1.000 pm  

Rent                                                 € 1.000

Savings needed                                   € –  

Cost in 12 months                                € 12.000

Cost in 5 years                                    € 60.000

Mortgage of € 265.000    

Monthly payment (interest + linear)        € 1.000

savings needed for the purchase            € 12.500

Cost in 12 months                               € 24.500

Mortgage left after 5 years                    € 221.000

If you are looking to purchase over a period of 5 or 10 years investing in a purchase property will be a smart thing to do, regarding the trend of the market. But for people that have a work contract for a short period and plan to move after that, renting might be a better and cheaper option.

If you have any questions, and would love to talk to us about what your situation is, don’t hesitate to contact us!